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Book-web-102x150“What doggedness, strength, courage, love for life!!!
Deb takes the reader on a world tour, then her life abruptly changes ~ a life threatening accident ~ pain, sorrow, depression and deep dark places turn her privileged world upside down. But through horses, she rediscovers joy, laughter, humor, love and more travel! A new life unfolds as she pursues and “fans the flames of desire within (her) soul”. Deb was dealt a life changing blow but she is certainly not short on trust, courage and gratefulness to her family, friends and horses! Through it all, she is gracious ~ what a beautiful and inspiring testimony.”
Paulette M. Klein, Major, USAF (Ret), Sylvandell Farms, Cynthiana, KY

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One Brain Injury will Change Your Mind!
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Deb Lewin, a national ParaEquestrian champion and master NLP Practitioner, is a much sought after motivational speaker, drawing her inspiration and courage from her life’s experiences. In 1996, Deb was broadsided by another vehicle, resulting in a brain injury with left side paralysis and impaired vision and hearing. She refers to this, as her “Opportunity.” Deb was born and raised in Africa, in a Country now called Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia). She became an American Citizen in…
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Deb is committed to sharing her experiences and has spoken to thousands of people around the Country. Her infectious spirit and “can-do” philosophy presentation will encourage and inspire you to turn losses into wins and problems into possibilities. She says, “My greatest challenges have become my greatest blessings!”
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Deb delivers an inspiring, empowering and motivational message with humour and insight that will help transform perspectives. She clearly understands how life can change in a second and has successfully adapted to change. Her personal journey…

After Deb’s “Opportunity,” she was gifted some therapy riding lessons at Equest Therapeutic Horsemanship in Wylie, Texas. Having never ridden a horse before, Deb is now ranked among the top in the Country. She has numerous local and national equestrian titles.Deb’s coach at Equest, Gail Pace, always reminded her that it is the “journey and not the destination,” and this is how Deb…
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Contact Deb Lewin and let her be the Keynote Speaker or Inspirational Story Teller at your next event: Company meetings, School Events, Corporate functions, International Dinner Banquets, Sports Rallies, Conferences or Non-Profit Special Events. Deb will…
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