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for your interest in getting my book “One Brain Injury will Change Your Mind!” I appreciate your love, support and encouragement. RideStrong Through Life’s Journey

Deb is committed to sharing her experiences and has spoken to thousands of people around the Country. Her infectious spirit and “can-do” philosophy presentation will encourage and inspire you to turn losses into wins and problems into possibilities. She says, “My greatest challenges have become my greatest blessings!”

Deb delivers an inspiring, empowering and motivational message with humour and insight that will help transform perspectives. She clearly understands how life can change in a second and has successfully adapted to change. Her personal journey of strength, faith and courage will invite you to look inside yourself and become your own biggest catalyst for change.

Allow Deb to be the Keynote Speaker or Inspirational Story Teller at your next event. She will customize her presentation to fit into your agenda and deliver the most relevant and powerful message to your group.


Deb Lewin, nationally-ranked Paralympics rider, member of the Equest Board of Directors, and committee chairman, has been a dynamic speaker and top recruiter for Equest Therapeutic Horsemanship for many years. She is unparalleled as an ambassador helping to raise awareness for therapeutic riding and bring members of the community to Equest as financial supporters and volunteers. Whether she is speaking to a group of 100 new volunteer recruits, a high school honors society, a civic luncheon of businessmen, or a potential corporate donor, her story of determination and success never fails to move the hearts of her listeners and galvanize them into action. This is one can-do lady, and her message of gratitude and spirit, mixed with her unique sense of humor, has fueled the initiative of countless individuals in North Texas and around the world to become a part of the solution for hundreds of riders and their families through Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy.

– Ellin Wellford Grant, Equest Director of Volunteer Services

Deb – On behalf of myself and Alfagres USA, we want to thank you for the time you spent with us in Miami, Florida. It was very valuable what you shared with us and the timing was perfect! You made a difference in all of us and it was a breath of fresh air. You helped us see all the opportunities that are there for us. We hope that you can be back with us soon!

– Cristina Boggio, co-owner Alfagres, USA

Deb – you have to take a lot of credit for the success of the evening. The attendees at the conference talked about you and the impact you made on them all week. I really appreciate what you have done for us. We are proud to say that it was the largest attended conference in the 29 years of its existence.

– Marilyn Hughes, Manager Volunteer Services, Carter BloodCare

Deb – I can’t tell you how much I truly enjoyed listening to you last night. You are one in a MILLION!!! Thanks for being you. I wish you the best and I am looking forward to having you on my radio show “Building a Better You” for ABC on WBAP news/talk 820 AM “

– Bryan Dodge, International Author & Educational Speaker, Bryan Dodge Development, Inc.