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After Deb’s “Opportunity,” she was gifted some therapy riding lessons at Equest Therapeutic Horsemanship in Wylie, Texas. Having never ridden a horse before, Deb is now ranked among the top in the Country. She has numerous local and national equestrian titles.

Deb’s coach at Equest, Gail Pace, always reminded her that it is the “journey and not the destination,” and this is how Deb continues to live her life. After her life was totally devastated in less than a second when she was broadsided by another vehicle, she has had to change and adapt and now she encourages everyone she meets to RideStrong through life’s journey! She has learned that life is tough but she is tougher – turning her near fatal and tragic situation into her “Opportunity.”

Deb spends a lot of her time volunteering at Equest and other non-profit organizations and has been featured in many magazines, newspaper articles, radio and television shows. She has written several short stories which have been published in horse books and on audio CD’s and most recently published her own book, “One Brain Injury will Change Your Mind!” .

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The audio version of this book, read by Deb Lewin,
will be available in the Spring of 2015.

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“The story Deb Lewin tells in One Brain Injury Will Change Your Mind is about living life, not about life after a disabling accident. She shares techniques, thought processes and strategies for not only getting through every day but for making each day wonderful and special. Every person, and perhaps especially able-bodied people, should read her story and embody her life-living philosophy.”
Pam Henline, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Author of “Walk, Don’t Run” on Amazon

This inspiring story is full of love and laughter. This woman has had a remarkable life in many countries under a variety of circumstances. Simply reading the anecdotes will brighten up anyone’s day.
Adrien Synnott “Horse Tales for the Soul” author

This book made me laugh, cry, and cheer all at the same time. In sharing her amazing story, Deb Lewin shows us how her mental and emotional agility combined with the love of family, friends, and her equine partners brought her back to a life of purpose and joy after her devastating brain injury.
Janeane Reagan, PhD Clinical psychologist and sports performance consultant
Author of “Rein in Your Brain”

“Deb Lewin’s One Brain Injury Will Change Your Mind is a contemporary profile in determination and courage, awash with Ms. Lewin’s fierce love of life and of herself. Her account of her life and the “opportunity” that changed it’s course is both strikingly candid and funny, and enlightening to any audience who has not faced this type of challenge. For those of us who believe in the healing power of horses, Ms. Lewin’s chapters on her equine therapy and partners are truly comfort food for the soul.”
Nicole Balding Roca, Author, fourlegsandatail@tumblr.com Harrodsburg, KY

“An inspiring story of perseverance and courage, One Brain Injury Will Change Your Mind is a real-life testimony to the power of positive thinking. The main character in this story is Deb Lewin, a national ParaEquestrian champion and motivational speaker. As an independent and athletic 36-year-old, Deb suffered a catastrophic accident in 1996 when her car was broadsided by another vehicle. This accident left Deb with left-side paralysis and impaired vision and hearing, and her supporting cast became her family, her many friends, and the wonderful equines at Equest Therapeutic Horsemanship in Wylie, Texas. Deb writes that “each horse and pony she learned to ride on at Equest ‘left hoof prints in my heart forever.’”
Colleen Rutherford Archer, author, Deep River, Ontario, Canada.